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WELCOME to All Kidz Preschool! It is with great pleasure that we open our doors to the Winter Garden Community children and families. Offering a foundational education experience came with great thought from a great group of parents & grandparents, experienced staff and community leaders. Faith, Safety, Learning and Development are the primary focus for All Kidz and we look forward to being a part of building our future---our kids!


 to provide an exceptional learning environment for children and parents that will foster each child's intellectual, social, physical and moral development in a fun environment that will prepare them to transition into their next school experience.

Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation
Qualified Staff

Principled Learning Experience


* All Kidz Preschool uses biblical principles in order to guide the child into discovery of one's gifted area while coupling the lessons with moral and ethical actions.

Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation (FCCPSA) 

* All Kidz Preschool provides certification through FCCPSA which means we have oversight on a large scale from a well-established organization on a state level.

Qualified Staff

* Public School Teaching experience

*  CDA Credentialed or FCC Competent

*  Skilled with required Childcare Certifications     licenses and certificates

*  CPR and First Aid Certified

Educational Transitional Goals

*  Transitioning into the school experience is at the forefront of what is included in our curriculum, structure, and practices. At the end of a child's tenure, educational suggestions can be provided to anyone who is interested, even to those looking for non-traditional school experience. 

Community Call

It takes a Village to Raise/Educate A Child, is not a cute cliche. It is an intentional strategy. We, at  ALL KIDZ, ask that you Pray for Us! Thank you! 


Teachers & Staff

Early Learning

Positive impact starts with an effective teacher. At All Kidz we do not take this lightly. Just like there is a focus on preparing the children, the same weight of responsibility is placed on putting effective and knowledgeable teachers on the journey alongside the Kidz and parents.


Teacher's Corner

Knowing you have left your child/children in our care is rewarding and therefore, we want you to be at peace while you are working hard to provide for your family.

Educational Goals
Principled Early Learning
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