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ALL KIDZ is looking for Preschool Teachers who can help to create a fun learning environment and facilitate educational lesson and activity plans that assist in our children’s development, Ages 3-5.

*If you are passionate about working with kids and have previous experience in an early learning environment, please apply today. Better yet, go to and apply. 

*Take time to view the preschool career options below: Toddler Teacher * Infant Teacher *Volunteer Staff

ALL KIDZ is searching for a nurturing Toddler Teacher to ensure that the basic needs along with the educational needs of our students are met. As a Toddler Teacher, you will be required to prepare and deliver classroom activities, communicate with staff and parents, and ensure that the learning environment is always safe & secure.


ALL KIDZ is also looking to employ a qualified Infant Teacher, who has a passion for instilling values in young children. The Infant Teacher should possess high energy and the ability to handle the demands of babies and toddlers with different personalities and needs.

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