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What to know about infant daycare for your child in Winter Garden

When it comes to children, all parents want the absolute best care they can find. Some parents like to stay home and provide care for their children but for a lot of hard working adults, finding a daycare is the best option for their family and their lifestyle. No matter what route you choose, so long as your child is safe and happy, you made the right choice! When looking for baby daycare for your little one, it is important to consider the responsibilities and necessities of an infant. An infant is a child ranging from newborn to 11 months. Infants must be fed every two to three hours per day. After eating, they must be burped and then comes everyone's part: the diaper changes. When an infant isn't eating or pooping, they are likely sleeping. Since some infants, depending on their age, don't have the ability to hold their head up or rollover, they need to be regularly checked on while they are sleeping. It is important for caregivers to make sure that your little one spends time on their stomach as well as on their back. When it comes to the teething process that all infants go through, caregivers must prepare whatever soothing remedy you allow. You make have a special ointment, or maybe a frozen teething ring that you allow your child chew one.



These treatments need to be administered whenever your infant expresses pain while in the teething process. If ever your infant were to get sick, they may have medications that need to be administered from time to time as well. From eating to sleeping and everything in between, the care that an infant requires is a lot more time consuming than taking care of a 1 to 4 year old. When looking for a caregiver, it is important to look at the ratio between staff and children within their care. Since your infant needs almost constant care, it is important to verify that the infant daycare you pick has enough staff to provide the proper attention to your child. If you decide to tour infant daycare options in your area, be sure to ask how many staff are working at a time. It is also important to ask how many of those staff members are dedicated to only care giving. A staff of eight may sound great if there are only eighteen infants enrolled but if three of those staff positions are for the manager, administrative assistant, and accountant then only five staff members are available to provide care to eighteen infants at one time. Ideally, you should look for an infant daycare with a maximum of two to three infants per care giver. Another important thing to consider is experience.


Watching after a four to five year old can be done by any teenager on the block for a couple of dollars an hour. When it comes to infant daycares, experience is a virtue. When your infant is uncomfortable, or hungry, or in pain, their only form of communication is crying. A care giver with experience will be able to put your little at ease much faster. No matter what infant daycare you decide to chose, keep in mind the amount of attention you want your little to have in order to keep them safe and healthy.

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