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Difference Between Preschool & Daycare in Winter Garden

Taking your kids to school is one of the many interesting things about being a parent. As your kids grow older, you will see various changes. Most parents cry happy tears during the first day of their kids' school. Who wouldn't be that happy seeing their children take the first step into the grown-up world? If you are a parent who has little kids, you might want to know the difference between preschool and daycare before you enroll them.


Winter Garden has many to choose from but they may not all be a fit for you and your child. You'll find several that are public, private or have more of a hybrid model. There are factors to consider including their age and their capabilities when taking them to one of two options. To better know your choices, here's what you need to learn about preschools and daycares in the Winter Garden, FL area.


A preschool is a learning center that provides curriculum and assessments for kids to develop their capabilities properly. During holidays and winter seasons, preschool is closed while daycare is open except for major holidays. Daycare follows the school schedule of primary schools as you can see some centers that are open during winter.



Preschool accepts children between 2.5 to 5 years of age and most of them need potty training, a kind of method that focuses on the development of physical and behavioral milestones. Meanwhile, daycare offers caring and learnings services from 6 to 12 years old. In preschool, lesson plans and activities give emphasis to the goals of the children. Before they teach, they make sure that the students have specific goals to achieve. There are also screening and assessment programs used by teachers to guide them in teaching and leading students to develop their strengths and weaknesses. In daycare, they have watching services wherein parents can leave their children while they are at work.

The interaction between teachers and students is different in preschool and daycare. The setting of the teacher-student relationships in preschool is geared towards teaching them one-on-one so the teacher can observe the development of the children. While this can happen in daycare too, most daycare centers focus more on group learnings.

So basically, preschools are for younger kids and once they reach the age of 6 and above, they can enroll in daycare centers. Children are developed in preschools first before they can move to the next learning center. Both of these centers are licensed to operate by the state and all teachers are professional enough to teach children. Both have safety priorities and the tuition fees are almost the same.

If you are a parent looking for a place where your children can learn, besides at home, you can choose between preschool and daycare. Just be reminded of the differences so you can choose the right center for them. Remember that children need to develop their capabilities before going to primary and middle school. Without enrolling them in preschool and daycare, they may find it hard to adjust to the new world. Give them time to grow and improve their thinking before they step into the real world. Do this for you and your kids.

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