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Types of Childcare in Winter Garden

Taking care of kids is a full-time job which often makes it impossible for parents of newborns to do anything else for the first few months. As a child grows, it is important to find the best childcare to cater to their needs. Choosing the best childcare is difficult due to various factors such as cost, age, gender and needs of the child.


Research shows that the economy loses approximately $12 billion every year due to challenges facing childcare. Here is a look at the different types of childcare and how preschools are the best childcare for busy mom and dads.


1.  Nannies


Nannies are regarded as one of the best childcare providers because they cater to the needs of the child in the home environment. They are usually employed by parents for a specified period of time. Nannies can take care of more than one child in different households depending on the parents’ schedules.


These nursemaids take care of various aspects of a child welfare including cooking for them, bathing them, and even washing their clothes. They are a good option when your child is not old enough to go to preschool or has a disability or illness.


2.   Day Care in Winter Garden


This type of childcare is usually provided on an hour by hour, half-day or full-day basis. Day cares are convenient for parents who have to go to work during the day. They have a monthly or daily fee and they may vary depending on the type of services being offered.


3.   Family Day Care


Family day care is provided from someone else's house. The centers are commonly situated close to the children's residents and they also cost less than normal day cares. Family day care centers have fewer children and their home setting makes it easier for children to adjust and be more comfortable.


4.     Babysitting


Babysitting is a more informal type of child care and the baby sitter often has no official training or experience. A baby sitter usually takes care of the child for a certain period of time during the day or night. Babysitting is a good option for parents when they need someone to watch their kids for a period of time.


5.   Au Pair


This type of childcare involves foreign national taking care of a child while living with the host family. An Au pair is usually paid an allowance or a stipend and their duties involve anything related to the child. The Au pair also lives as part of the family rather than an external help.


6.  Preschool is the Best Childcare


Preschool is the best type of childcare because of a number of reasons:


  • Gives children a structured setting

  • Prepares them for school

  • Helps children with their social and emotional development

  • Equips them with important social skills

  • Gives them time with their peers


Additionally, the preschool offers parents an opportunity to engage with each other. This helps them share their experiences and even expands their knowledge of providing the children with better care. Preschool is also the best childcare because it creates the foundation for later studies.

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