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Welcome to All Kidz Preschool

Our mission is to provide an exceptional learning environment for children and parents that will foster each child’s intellectual, social, physical and moral development in a fun environment that will prepare them to transition into their next school experience.

Serving the community of Winter Garden FL, All Kidz Preschool is both a daycare and preschool facility that offers you an all in one Child Care solution. There’s no need to go anywhere else. We offer a variety of programs for 6 weeks old through 5 yrs of age. With VPK starting up this coming fall.


We are currently licensed through the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation (FCCPSA) with a strong positive reputation. Our new facility is artistic and loving in every way and offers a warm, modern, and inviting atmosphere designed to provide the perfect learning environment for our children.

We are committed to providing the absolute highest quality preschool experience for the children in our community. Our unique nurturing approach will provide your child with the best opportunity to develop into a joyful, confident learner who is well prepared for success in both schools and in life.

Faith  •  Safety  •  Learning & Development
Our Classes


We provide academic excellence with Christian principles in a fun and safe learning environment. We want to partner with you as your child gets prepared for the future.  

  • Early Learning

  • Ages 6 weeks & Up

  • Ages 1 - 2

  • Ages 3 - 5

Enrollment & Details
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Infant Care _ Starting at 6 weeks Old


We will care for your child like the gift from God they truly are. We have different offering available for your infant care needs. Whether early morning or late evening. We look forward to working with you to provide personalized care for your infant.


1 Year Old _ Toddlers


They do not stay tiny forever! Your 1 year old is shooting up and getting around faster now! We want to be there to help increase daily motor skills development and ensure a safe place of play and exploration. 

Playing in Nursery

2 Years Old _ Toddlers


So many surprises as the 2 year old shoots up in height. Their speech may be coming in. He or she recognizes familiar faces. Routines such as bedtime and bath time are followed. All Kidz wants to provide engaging creative play and introduce visuals that increase the development of their unique personality. 

Kids in Preschool

3 to 4 years _ Preschoolers

Growing & going by this time! The preschooler probably enjoys getting him or herself dressed. Play is a must and very inquisitive! Let All Kidz employ the necessary tools to prepare your growing child for Big School!

Preschool Winter Garden


  •  All Kids Preschool will provide an exceptional learning environment by teaching organic values to all children in our care.  We use Biblical principles which places value on developing the gift in each child and a respect for others.  Our intention is to produce children who will profit from positive reinforcement within both positive actions and corrective actions.

  • All Kidz Preschool provides certification through Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation (FCCPSA), which means we have oversight on a large scale from a well established organization on a state level. 

  • All Kidz Preshool provides a Director who has passed the certification process on a state level and has years of service as a teacher in the public school system. Therefore, the Director is qualified to pass on exceptional skills to team members along with giving oversight that will produce growth in each child positioned for care.

  • To encourage Social, Physical, Intellectual, and Moral Development

  • To teach the basic foundations of our Christian faith, being Christ Centered.

  • To teach each child that they are special just as God made them.

  • To have full communication between parent and staff.

  • To love, care and nurture each child and build up the self confidence of each child.