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Habit, Characteristics, and Education of Toddlers in Winter Garden

The development of your child is one of the most important phases you should watch out for while he/she is growing. With proper development and guidance from you, your child will definitely turn into a smart grownup in the future. Moms who have toddlers between two to three years old should remember that although kids talk like grownups with definite voices, they are still a baby. They may talk to you in sentences but they are still under child development. If you want to learn more about the experiences your child is having at this stage, here's what you need to know.


Habits and Characteristics of Toddlers


1) Social and Emotional


Toddlers are now learning about relationships. They tend to watch people and copy their activities and appearance. Your child is imagining your empathy. At this stage, they may be bossy and show temper tantrums. They will say the word "No" multiple times. They are capable to play with other kids for a while but this isn't about building relationships with their playmates yet. Toddlers find it hard to choose from options. They are still not capable of reasoning or controlling their impulses.


2) Comprehension


It's the time that you should talk carefully with your toddler because he/she is comprehending words beyond what they truly mean. They may ask a lot of questions at this stage and as much as you can, don't ignore their curiosity. Under comprehension, your 2 year old may think that you can read his/her mind. He/She is still having a hard time differentiating reality from fantasy. Toddlers love to play make-believe and they may draw a lot of lines, shapes, and dots.


3) Physical


Your 1 year old has an idea now how to walk. Toddlers at this stage are more confident with their moves but they may find it hard to stop. They test limits, which is why you should set boundaries for them to keep them safe. Some of the physical activities they enjoy include climbing up and down the stairs, jumping, and kicking a ball. They can also dress and undress. What you can do as a parent is to let them play safely with supervision.


The Importance Of Education To Toddlers


Toddlers may do independent things such as playing and scribbling but they still need the supervision of an adult. If you are working and you don't have enough time to teach them, it's important that you find a school or a center that specializes in handling toddlers. At this point, you can't leave your child unattended especially that they are now learning a lot of things, from social skills to comprehension.


Education is vital for toddlers especially now that they know how to respond to what you are saying. It's the perfect time for them to explore new things because their minds are open and you are the only one who can teach them to distinguish things. Early exposure to education will help them develop properly. Even if you are now always home, the help of teachers is one thing you can consider.

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