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How do I find the best daycare for my child in Winter Garden?

Winter Garden is home to many parents in the area whom decide to start a family. Whether you're a seasoned parent or expecting your first child, beginning the search for a childcare provider can be overwhelming and daunting. After all, is there anything more important than your child's safety and well-being? Feeling confident in who you choose to care for your child is crucial. Below are some tips to keep in mind as you consider your options, whether you're looking at a five-star daycare center, an in-home daycare, or even a private nanny. What matters most is that you find someone you trust to love and care for your child in your absence.

Winter Garden Reviews and Reputation

Search online for daycare providers in your area and read through reviews. Ask around your neighborhood, local mom's group or post on your social media platforms asking for recommendations. If other parents trust and respect a childcare provider, or rave about a daycare center, that is a great sign!

First Impression

It's often said 'Don't trust a book by its cover' however in this case, first impressions are extremely important! When visiting a potential daycare provider pay attention to the way you are greeted and how the location looks. Daycare environments should be welcoming, safe and clean.

Qualified Staff

While it isn't always required by each state, daycare providers should have education and training in early childhood development or the equivalent experience. They should be CPR certified and have had specific training for administering pediatric first aid. Daycare providers should be warm, friendly, loving, and nurturing. Also, be sure you ask about the child to adult ratios and what happens when the lead teacher or provider is ill or absent.









While a current license does not necessarily mean the best care, you should still ask to see the provider's current license. Providers and centers need to be able to show you they have met your state's licensing requirements for childcare health and safety. In our case we are license by FLOCS - Florida League of Christian Schools.

Rules and Policies

Ask the provider for a list of rules and policies. They should be able to give you a written list or family handbook. A good daycare provider will have established ground rules that demonstrate responsibility and ensure your child's safety. You also want to know their hours, flexibility with drop off and pick up times, sick child policies, payment arrangements, and how discipline is handled.


Visitor Policy

Make sure you discuss their visitor policy. Once your child is enrolled, will you be able to drop by unannounced any time the center is open? Will you be given access to every area your child will be? And how are other visitors screened? If it is an in-home daycare, ask if every adult in the home has had a recent background check you can review.

Once again, finding someone you trust to give your child the best possible care is the most important part of your daycare search. High quality care is essential for your child's growth and development. 

All Kidz Preschool - Winter Garden
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Winter Garden, FL 34787
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